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About Us 

Headquartered in Dubai, Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers is the ultimate destination for all relocation needs. We specialize in a wide array of services, including local and international moving, furniture installation, storage solutions, and office relocation. 

We understand the stress that comes along with moving. That’s why, at Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers, we strive to offer you a seamless experience. We ensure the people we hire, the equipment we use, and the services we offer are the best in town. Our team comprises of 300 professionals, a fleet of 150 trucks, and a 25,000 sqft facility, thus, ensuring you complete care. 

Since inception, our primary goal has been to simplify moving. Throughout the years, we have continually persevered to achieve this goal. After years of trial and error, we now have flawless digital operations that simplify operations and increase efficiency. 

Moving to a new place is exciting. It’s a new journey, and we want you to enjoy every minute of it peacefully. 


  • Moving Solutions 

Residential Relocation

Undoubtedly, home is an emotion. It’s a space of comfort, security, and peace. So, it’s not surprising that moving homes can be an emotional rollercoaster. And the last thing anyone would want is to have a chaotic shift. At Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers, we understand and respect your emotions. We take care of every minute detail to ensure a seamless relocation. 

Office Relocation 

Relocating a division or an entire office is nothing less than stressful and chaotic. However, it doesn’t have to be that way with Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers. With our experienced team, your team is promised an effortless and efficient move. Moreover, since moving puts a hold on your business, we put extra care into getting the job done as quickly as possible. 

International Relocation 

At Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers, we promise international relocation at international standards. Although moving to a new country is stressful, we shoulder the stress with you by handling all the relocation work. With our experienced staff, we guarantee an easy, efficient, and punctual move. 

  • Furniture Installation 

Our furniture installation services include furniture transportation, fitting, and dismantling. With our experienced handypersons by your side, you are promised reliable, effortless, and accurate services. 

  • Storage Solutions 

Short-Term Storage Solutions 

Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers are there to help you when you run out of space. With our on-demand storage solutions, you have convenient spaces at affordable prices. Whether for a few days or a week, we have a space for you! 

Long-Term Storage Solutions 

If you are looking for a space to expand your inventory, then look no further. At Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers, we offer you spacious and organized warehouses that can be used to store inventory, records or consumables. Our 25,000 sqft warehouse is climate-controlled and designed at par with international standards. 


How can I schedule a move with Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers?

Our scheduling process is simple. You can book us through the website or contact us directly at our office. 

Will you provide the boxes for relocation?

Yes, we bring all the necessary items required for the move, including boxes. However, we can deliver the boxes early if you wish to pack them on your own.

Can I insure my goods against damage or loss?

You can choose between full-coverage insurance or total-loss insurance. However, full coverage insurance is unavailable to customers who pack their items.


What should I do if something is damaged?

In such an unfortunate event, we offer you a complimentary damage protection cover that starts at AED 3/kg, extending to a maximum of AED 500. Protection is only available if the damage is significant, non-repairable, and reported before the team leaves. 


“I am very happy with the services from Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers. I contacted them for an international relocation and being a student, and I was on a budget. However, the team was so accommodating, and they provided affordable solutions. All my items reached without a scratch. I highly recommend them.”

Jan. A

“Truly the best movers I have hired so far. I recently shifted from Sharjah to Dubai, and the whole process was so easy. They got me settled in my new apartment before lunchtime. Seamless, efficient, and, overall, a wonderful experience. I will definitely contact them again!”


“Thank you, Imad Ghreiwati Happy Movers, for making my relocation stress-free. The team was punctual, attentive, and polite. I am very pleased with their services and how reasonable the price is. 10/10, and I highly recommend them.”